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Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE has an estimated population of over 9 million people with expatriates (working foreigners) accounting for over 88.52% of the population. As a result of this, the UAE has continued to see its economy grow yearly with no signs of slowing down. However, people of African descent rarely get the jobs and the remuneration that match their skill set when compared to persons of more developed nations. This is why we exist, to close that gap.

WorkatDubai TM is a skill acquisition and career positioning company that helps to place you in the right job in the UAE by providing you with the relevant soft skills as well as a resume rewriting service, tailored to the international standard and then apply for jobs on your behalf with the final goal of placing you in a job that will pay you fairly as compared with anyone of the same skill set regardless of race or gender. Our goal is to position persons of African descent competitively within the workforce in the UAE.

We are  bridging the gap between semi to highly skilled individuals in Africa with job opportunities in the UAE. Our efforts do not stop there as we endeavor to help all our candidates find their niche so that they can reposition themselves in the UAE and the diverse global job market. We enrich and improve the quality of our candidate's profiles so that they are on par with the International standard that way they can enjoy equal pay and benefits.

With WorkatDubai TM you get it all, the right skills and the right job. 


Our Services


Career re-positioning and Skill acquisition

At Workatdubai we understand that it's incredibly important to not only get a job but also keep it and grow in it. Hence, we focus on providing you with a blend of techniques, skills, attributes and knowledge that helps you evolve and grow within your career path. Our specially designed and exclusive virtual training materials are aimed at giving you the skills you need to expand your potential as well increase significantly your employability within the UAE and even the global job market. We also help you plan for your future by teaching you how to be prepare, recognize and make the most of opportunities as they arise. These trainings include but are not limited to the following 

  • how to prepare you for interviews.
  • how you create a good mission statement
  • And by assisting you with future planning and career positioning.

We focus on preparing you for the bigger picture and opportunities via our Master Classes and One on One sessions with a personalized HR Manager. Finally, we provide you with a platform to apply your newly acquired skills and techniques and convert the interviews we bring your way into a deserving job offer. In summary, we prepare you with everything you need not only to make the most of opportunities but also get an international leverage that is in your best interest.


Resume Review/Cover Letter Drafting/Job application

We review and revamp your resume and cover letter with an international goal in mind while simultaneously apply and tweak your resume for jobs on your behalf until we help you land that dream job. 

We provide jobs for skilled and unskilled professionals. Your category depends on your level of education, certifications and relevant skills. It is important to bare in mind that some jobs may take less time to process than others. Unskilled jobs take between 1-3 months to process while skilled and high paying jobs take between 1-6 months. Nevertheless, we will not relent until we find you that deserving offer.


Additional Services

We offer our registered members additional advisory services and assistance related to relocation, visa services and salary negotiation.
We understand that moving to an unfamiliar country may be overwhelming, this is why we provide advisory roles on anything that will help ease your settling in. 
We also provide visa advisory services where we help you with the processing of your visit visa and other documents necessary for cases where you need to travel for a face to face interview.

Finally, when we have successfully found you a job placement, we help you negotiate a befitting and well-deserved salary complete with benefits package such as health insurance and in some instance, paid vacation, etc. We ensure that companies pay you according to your worth and in accordance with industry standards. 

our process

Process 1


The first step is to sign up on the website. Thereafter, you need to verify your account using the link sent to your email. However, if you are having issues verifying your email, copy the link and paste on your browser. 

Process 2


Login to fill your application form and give all necessary details. Upload your credentials. Ensure you use accurate contact details so that we can reach you. You will receive an email notification that your credentials will be reviewed. 

Process 3


Payment details and a link will be sent to your email, after which you log in to your account, Select Preferred Currency then SUBMIT. This takes you to payment platform where you make the necessary payment. Unskilled and Semi-skilled jobs are jobs that require no particular skills and likely have no formal education for which we charge a nominal consultation fee of $150.

Skilled or professional labor jobs require specialized training or skills and Individuals who possess a university degree or a higher certification such as engineers, accountants, doctors and more. For this category we charge a nominal consultation fee of $200.

This is a one time fee which covers your Career and Skill Acquisition Training, CV Appraisal, CV Rewrite, Cover Letter Drafting, One-on-One sessions, Interview Prepping amongst others. There are no other hidden costs as recruitment is absolutely free.

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Unskilled and Semi-skilled jobs are jobs that require no particular skills and likely have no formal education. Examples of unskilled labor occupations generally include farm laborers, grocery clerks, hotel maids, and general cleaners and sweepers. Semi-skilled occupations include truck drivers, typists and customer service representatives. These jobs generally require more than a high-school diploma, but less than a university degree.
Skilled or professional jobs require specialized trainings or skills and Individuals who possess a university diploma or a higher degree. Examples of skilled jobs are Electricians, Plumbers, Law enforcement officers and Administrative assistants Highly skilled or professionals include engineers, accountants, doctors and architects.
Please Note: SERVICE FEE { $150 for Unskilled/Semi Category }
Please Note: SERVICE FEE { $200 for Skilled Category }

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